Friday, June 19, 2015

Ready to sandwich

Hi friends!
This is what i went with, don't think i could get it any flatter.
I added 10 inches of snow on the top and on the bottom..  It's plenty wide enough.
I think this picture is just the bottom added.
This is with the top and bottom.
I added this blue because i though i had  enough but i didn't and it came from Jo Ann and i want be going back there for months.
I used another blue that's in the star for the top and bottom border.
Hope it's not to big for the queen sized battening that i got for it.
It should really cover her bed nicely.
After i finish this one i will start on Jessie a wedding quilt.
One of our baby granddaughters is getting married.
We have six grandson's already married with kids but this is  the first granddaughter . She is my beautiful doll!
This is the happy couple, Isn't she beautiful. She was our  first granddaughter. The oldest of all  our grand daughter's.
By maybe a year.
This was taken Easter in front of our house.
When she was down here she liked my layer cake quilt so i ordered a layer cake  for her quilt a few weeks ago.
The star quilt i am working on is for her mother's birthday.
A little late!!!!
Have a wonderful day friends.

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  1. I hate when I cannot get my quilts to lay flat. Congratulations on the grand daughter getting married.