Monday, July 27, 2015

Lola's quilt

Hi friends!
I decided to change horses. I like this better  than the small horse.
  With a little stitching he will look more like a horse.
I think i told you the last time she was here Hubby put on a horse race and she hopped up on the couch and couldn't take her eyes off of them. This is the child that is never still!  Ever since she learned to walk she has been running.
So i had to add some to her quilt.
I have until the eighth of August to make it because that's her birthday.
Have a great one friends.


  1. Great horses. Either choice would be wonderful though.

    1. i like these because they were easier

  2. funny how the kids can confuse the heck out of ya. my 5 year old grandson decided he doesnt like hockey anymore he likes soccer and also collecting rocks. so I got him a rock polisher for his birthday. gotta find him some geodes for Christmas. cute cute quilt. she will love the deer and horses

  3. she doesn't like cartoons, runs all the time! i was amazed when she lay down on the couch and watched all of the race.