Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Nearly through and Lola's deer quilt.

Hi friends!
 I got all but about a foot of the border quilted.
I had quilted it in white and didn't like it so last night i took all of that quilting out , now its ready for me to finish.
Then i will make the binding for it , hopefully it will be finished this weekend.
I couldn't sleep last night for thinking about my next quilt.
Going to make Lola a deer mostly quilt , she will be 2 next month and loves deer
It will be a twin sized!
This a big big quilt , and heavy!
Not trying that star again  , it's a bear!
Daughter will have the only one of those .....unless one of my kids wants one that is!
This is the fabric that i bought for Lola's quilt!
Maybe i will get it started next week.
Have a great one

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