Wednesday, September 2, 2015

New Quilt

Hi friends!
I love the x's and o's quilt so i am making this one by that block.
Haven't got this one sewed together yet!
Isn't that a pretty block?
They are 20 inch's and i am going to make a lap quilt.
I guess i had better find out how big a lap quilt is suppose to be.
Love this fabric to!
Hubby walked to the mail box this morning and brought this back!
People are always throwing things in our ditch in front of the house.
Its a beer bottle made out of been can material!
Hubby quit drinking years ago and they have had to come out with this sense My oldest died in 2001 because neither one of us had ever seen one made like this.
It kind of matches the quilt doesn't it?
Well its in the garbage now!
Have a great one friends.


  1. Love these fabrics, so crisp and fresh to the eye. Yep I'm a sucker for blues, throw in some yellow and I'm in heaven. Well unless it's a beer bottle. We get alot of that around here also. Never understood drinking and driving and I really don't understand throwing your trash out of a moving vehicle. Makes me want to hunt them down and take a dump on their porch!

  2. I pick up a fast food bag, and a beer can or bottle on almost a daily basis. Love the fabrics you are using in your quilt.