Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Hi friends!
Monday i got some more thread to match, not as good but it will do.
Different brand.
But didn't want to wait for days for the other to come.
After i started quilting it didn't take long to finish.
Now it's on the couch being hemmed.
I just work on it while the 11 o'clock  news is on .
But i should get finished tonight or tomorrow.
Look how many leaves are on the ground under this tree already.
It's so dry here that every thing is turning early.
Just wish that yellow ragweed across the road would die.
We sit outside and drink our coffee every morning and i will not give that up because of an old weed.
But it makes me pay. I take Zertex every day but doesn't really help. a few days i took two.
I take the off brand of it.
Well today my windows 10 is off, after 3 or 4 days on. I may have to figure out how to turn it off. If i didn't have firefox i wouldn't even be able to use this computer.
Has any one noticed when you get on a new blog that you want to follow the GFC doesn't show up?
I have noticed this on several that i wanted to follow, don't know whether it's windows 10 or blogger trying to faze it out.
Or just my computer acting up.
Have a great one .

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  1. We have a few leaves on the ground, but not as many as you do, and we are many miles north of you. Our grass is green though, yours is a tad bit brown.