Monday, October 26, 2015

Quilting !

Hi friends!
Quilting this quilt.
This takes a while to do because i am doing rings around my flower pattern, echoing around each bloom.
Trying some new patterns!
I need more patterns than flowers and leaves and hearts!
On my new table i don't have enough table to hold the quilt so it pulls to much. I need to change where i sit so it will hold it up better.
This machine needs its on table but we don't have the room for another one.
I only quilt for a little while because of the strain on my arms and shoulders.
Then i have to leave it for a while.
Getting old is not for wimps!!
It teaches you patience.
But i go back to it time and again.
I love quilting!
Have a good one.


  1. I found that my machine was sitting too high too when I quilt on one because it is on the dining room table. Sitting on the featherweight card table it is a great height and doesn't hurt my neck and shoulders as much.

  2. I have two folding stools and a plank of wood that I set up in front of my table, then move the machine to the new set up so ve got more table behind it

  3. Finding just the right height for quilting takes a lot of trial and error. I found that the lower the table the better. My sewing cabinet was given to me by my very short aunt. She had cut off the legs to make it fit her. Well turns out it works great for me also. The only problem I have is there's not much space under the cabinet for my legs, and if I'm not careful I bump my knees. Your quilting is looking wonderful.