Friday, January 8, 2016


Hi friends!

The last two days i have quilted on Pauline's quilt.    Not very exciting but needed to be done , quilting with hearts.
On my other blog i finished this.

I loved this when i first saw it so had to make it, didn't i?
One morning we got up to this in our front yard.
I looked it up , it's Bear Scat!
Hubby used to hunt and though that was what it was!
In our front yard!
That is a little to close for me.
I knew there was black bears out on the mountain where sis in law lives but didn't think their was any around here. We live in the country but their are houses all around us.
Scary isn't it? 
Have a good one

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  1. it is scary to think of what animals lurk so close to us. we have tons of animals here too. they make my motion light go on a lot. mostly deer but we hear coyote too. as long as I dont see them face to face LOL