Friday, January 29, 2016

Trying again!

Hi friends!
I am ready to do this again, wish me luck!
You can see where i took so much out. just hoping this works .
I set up my zigzag machine.
I am using it to do this little wall quilt.
 You need this to do zigzag or i do because it's all i can do to hem a quilt and that takes me days because my hands don't like it.
Have a great weekend 


  1. I have never machine quilted but I can imagine it must be very frustrating when the back is not smooth and flat. I know I would be like you and take out the stitching. I hope it goes well the next time.
    Nancy (ndmessier @,

  2. Cute little wall quilt. Glad you got your ugly quilting stitches out.