Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Hemming Paulines Quit

Hi friends!
Still plugging along on the hemming of Pauline's quilt.
I work on it every day when the news come on but should finish tomorrow, then into the wash it will go after pictures.
Hoping to finish it this week!
Still like some on it but wish me luck on finishing it this week. I will be  glad to send this off to her !
I love my aunt Pauline as i love all my Aunts.
Betty Jo called to say she loves hers , after chemo she is down and out for a week and a half so later this week i will call and see how she is , prayers for her please, she is my mothers baby sister , just eight years older than me.
We raised our kids together. they are all about the same age. I went with her to the hospital with her second and they wanted to put me to bed , thought i was ready to have my oldest . but he didn't get here for another few weeks.

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  1. What a sweet story, about you and your aunt. I know that DH mother has kids the same age as her mother, and DH mother was best pals with her aunt who is just a few years older (one of the ancient ones next door).