Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Next block

Hi friends!
Today i am making one of Jenny Doan's disappearing blocks.
This is a disappearing 9 patch., doesn't look much like a 9 patch block does it?
I love her video's! They are really good and i am a visual person , seeing is much better than instructions written down.
If you want to check them out google Missouri Star Quilt Co, and clink videos.
She is a great instructor. I had rather see hers than any one else's but a lot of blogger's are making video's now and it's interesting to see what they are videoing about. You can learn a lot on the Internet. When i started making quilts i bought a book but you can get the same thing on the Internet for free.
Craftsy has some wonderful classes that are free and you can bet i have them all and a few that i bought when i wanted to learn to free motion quilt my own quilts.
While i was at it i went ahead and made three of these to see how they would look in a quilt.. I think it looks a little busy like that , i might look better with saching.
Have a good one


  1. I like the white offset plus shapes that you get too. I've never done a D9P in two colours, it looks great

  2. That looks like it would be a cool quilt especially if you did all the same color but light, medium and dark.