Monday, February 8, 2016

Making Pillows

Hi friends!
My daughter got her a new living room suite and i am making her some cushions for it.
I got this at Hancocks last week , knew i would find a good use for it!
So far i have made her two reds ones and one from a quilt block.
I am thinking about making my next quilt a samplers quilt. See how many different blocks i can find that i haven't done lately. I still have a Aunt or two that i want to make a quilt for so this could be one for them.
I made one for us a long time ago , the very first quilt i ever made.
I made it with cheap fabric but i had been thinking about trying to make one for a long time.  My Sis has made them for years , so i ordered a book that showed you how  to put one together  and have never looked back.
This is three of the same blocks across. A very simple quilt!
Have a good one

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  1. Your pillows look great. I used to love sampler quilts it is a good way to see if you like quilting or not.