Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Problems and the Garden

Hi friends!
A problem!
So last night i took all the stitching out of that part of the quilting.
I will re-quilt this part as soon as i see what made it do that.
Hubby is finishing planting tomato's and peppers today, planted seeds yesterday. My knees want do that plus when i went to my dermatologist last Thursday she put me on a cream on my face and I  can't be in the sun.
Of course we get along much better if he plants and i do the rest. He has planted a garden for years and wants it just right according to him.
I always really laid the orka thick and he thought that was awful but now he does it that way to. Orka is hard to get to come up this early but maybe we will get a good stand .
He will go out there and throw away all but a few because orka does best with a foot between the plants.  It's just hard to get it to come up when you want it to. I have even trans planted orka to get it where i wanted it .
Have a good one

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  1. LOL Isn't it funny how much we differ. Dh and I have those same challenges. He wants to be able to take a tiller through the garden and plant everything perfectly. My grandmother used to tell me lettuce, carrots, radishes plant thick and then thin the plants.