Monday, April 18, 2016

Ready to hem!

Hi friends!
I finished quilting Sat. after noon and put it on the bed to trim after i sewed on the binding. I used the same fabric that i used in the last border.

Here i had finished and my gran daughter was ready to trim hers This was her first try at sewing and she loved my feather weight. But who wouldn't?  They are the best thing out there to make straight stitches, and nice and quit.
She will be 15 in August and once she learns to drive she wont be interested in sewing. Maybe i can get her mother interest in quilting one day.  I can only hope!


  1. Good job getting your quilt done. You never know once she starts driving she may be able to come over more often.

  2. I thought that too of my niece and now at 24 she still calls for "quilt dates"