Monday, April 11, 2016


Hi friends!
When it was time for the race to come on i started quilting my quilt.  Ran into trouble right off. I had oiled my big brother after my last quilt but hadn't cleaned her.
It would not go!!!
So i had to take her apart and clean her good.
There was so much lint under the feet dogs that they couldn't drop.
It had been nearly a month since i had used this machine but i quilted Alisha's big quilt and it packed it in there.
After that i didn't have any problems but it got late and i quit a little after nine o'clock.
I spent all my quilting time cleaning, but i should have already cleaned it so my bad.
Have a good one


  1. You have a busy life so not always easy to fit everything in.

  2. Yep I do that too. I have been trying to do it after I empty 10 bobbins, and still the lint can be packed in there.