Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Hi friends!
Started binding last night!
It's not a real big quilt so i should finish before Friday.
Maybe they will come over this weekend so i can give it to her.
Not the best picture!
But it's nearly done , still have to take pictures, wash and put a label on when i finish this
Found this outside the garden the other day and Hubby found some inside the fence yesterday. It must be small ones! That's why Hubby put up that fence to keep out buggs bunny!
You know we found two babies in there and they got away when the tomato's were low to the ground and they had chewed on a bunch of them.
All the bottom tomato's have been picked so maybe their are none within reach of them now.
Have a good one

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  1. Wow you got far on your binding. I have a couple of bunnies hopping around the yard too. I keep waiting for them to raid my cabbage.