Thursday, July 7, 2016

Pink Scrap Quilt

Hi friends!
Started my next block!
They measure 38 inches when finished ! I may not need but three with the right border.
Which would be good because i don't have a lot of this fabric.
Making it for my sweet step daughter that in her early forties is having Cataract surgery.
She had the first one done on July 1 and goes back the 15th for the other.
We had a rain yesterday and when the sun came back out the roof of Hubby's shed was smoking , the steam looks like it's was  on fire.
Got to do one for my last Aunt and i have been looking for a pattern.
I don't remember where i got this but it would use up a lot of scraps , and i need that.
But i am still looking because I need to finish this before i start another one.
Hubby is watching Congress dragging the FBI Director across the coals and really enjoying it.
I can here him laughing form three rooms over.
We are run by  greedy crooks!
Have a good one

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  1. Your block looks great. I like the 2nd block too. Glad you got some rain. We haven't really gotten any yet. They are saying tonight.