Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Hi friends!
I put borders ,8 inch, on each side.
It being as long as it is i just added 3 inch borders on the top and bottom.
This will be it!
It's just big enough for one to use laying on the couch.
It's on the ironing board now waiting for me to make a backing for it. Then i will sandwich and get it ready to quilt.
Hubby is having to water again!
It didn't take as long since he has gathered all the corn.
We may quit watering when we get the water bill!
Have a good one


  1. Looks great. We got some good storms today, glad we did because my butterfly bush was looking a wee bit puny.

  2. we got some rain too but need a lot more of it. your garden looks great. I am anxiously awaiting my first ripe tomato here. they look great but are all green still. we had a late start.