Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Casseroles carriers

Hi Friends!
Sunday , Tonia and Missy were talking about the casserole carrier I made them years ago and said they needed one smaller, so naturally I got a pattern Monday off the internet to make some.
I also got a free pattern for a make-up brush roll for my Tatum and Addie.

This was the first one!
This was the second one!
Though I would make my sis and sis in law one each and most of my girls one to. Abby has a whole set to go with her casserole dish's already that she bought years ago. But I will ask her if she wants one.
These are great for  carrying a dish to a meal at work.
I need to finish these and get back to work on my daughter's birthday quilt.
Have a good one


  1. what a nice idea to have casserole dish in a pretty carrier though have to own up to not having made a casserole for over a year now getting very lazy re cooking these days