Monday, April 24, 2017

Karen's quilt

Hi friends!
Remember this? Well I started cutting 3 inch squares for the next few rows.
Just maybe a bazillion of them. My daughter's name is Karen , her two older  brother's named her before she was born.
I am using one more fabric.
I think this one will go with it to.
I am cutting two strips at a time then cutting 4 squares each time I cut. Maybe it will go faster that way or maybe I will make that 4 strips now after all I put a new blade in my rotary cutter , it should be able to cut that many,
I will see!
Any thing to make it go faster.
Took the day off yesterday and just talked to hubby and rested and read. With the spring he is outside for days during the day and some times until 8 at night.
He mows about 5 acres here with his john deer and his tractor.
Right now his has just spend a week working on john deer on the back porch so he was close to take brakes with.
But when he mows the south forty he is gone for a few hours . I can see him some times but mostly not.
This is with my big camera that my daughter gave me on zoom as far as it will go.
Every once in a while he talks about getting rid this place when he gets to old to take care of this yard but I remember when his parents lived here the yard was much smaller.
Have a good one


  1. I would like to have land again. But I am too old to do the work! LOL. I hate all those. Little pieces as well. But it sure looks great when you finish!

  2. LOL your bazillion squares. I have a couple of quilts that feel that way when I work on them.

  3. lots of cutting going on with you both fabric and grass!