Friday, September 30, 2016


Hi friends!
I don't like the stitch i used to make the steering wheel and brake!
But it was all i could find right off.
It's crooked!
I looked for something to make the smoke stack but don't have any silver . Settled on light blue.
I haven't sewed it down yet  . I will be looking !
I have tubs of fabric i haven't gone through yet.
We ran to Rome this morning to get hubby a new toy. Since we got plastic siding he needed some thing to clean it.
He used a coupon and a cash  gift card and got it for half price.
He is putting it together right now. Most likely he will wait until next week to start.
Have a great weekend

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  1. We have to do that too. We are going to borrow the ancient uncles to clean the porch, and their ramp since the boys seem to think ramp....mud, and running.