Monday, September 12, 2016


Hi friends!
I have started two things that i want to finish on here before my next quilt. The first one is a turkey table runner for my Sweet Jessica.
She loved the one i made last year so i started this and got this far.
Just had done a few and put it back but my pile of things were taking over my table.
Yesterday i took it to this stage.
Next step is to make the Dresden Turkey tails!
I started this for my sweet sister in law but thought , she wouldn't need it before Christmas so it"s now time to finish's it.
This is all i had done on it!
I did sew two together to show a good friend how it was joined.
It's time to finish up the UFO's
Have a good one

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  1. Wow you get so much done so quickly. I can't find my sewing room through all the junk. Oh wait that is my stash!