Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Borders for the swoon

Hi friends!
Beautiful day!
This thing measures 84 inches in length, so I will put a small white border on the top and bottom.
Maybe 3 inches on each end.  That will make it 90 inches!
I have been cutting out squares to do the middle of the side borders.

It will take quit a few of these to go 84 inches.  It will use up most of my fat quarters..
I plan on a 5 inch white border on the side , then after that these squares and maybe a 5 inch border on the other side of these squares.  That will make a 14 inch border on each side.  That should make it 84 inches across.
That should make a good sized queen sized quilt.  If I don't think it's wide enough I will add to my last border and make it  7o r 8 inches.
Have a great day friends.

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