Monday, April 28, 2014

Monday finish!

Hi friends!
Bad weather coming!
I finished my "SWOON" quilt.
It's on our bed, I used cotton battening and is light and not to heavy, just right for summer.
I love this quilt but the next one  will be for some else.    We have got quite a few for us already.
This is going to be  my next quilt for Melissa Dawn, I hope!
I am going to   to give it the old college try!!
These are the fabric's that I an going to use in it.
The pattern is "Exploding Star".   I couldn't find any thing but paper piece pattern for it and I don't do   that so I found this that is tri angles but it's only a picture!!
I am going to use it to make it!!!!
Have a great day friends!


  1. Hello Barbara, I love your swoon quilt it is beautiful and love the design .Sounds ideal for summer.

  2. It is, just warm enough, I love it to