Friday, April 25, 2014

Still Swooning

Hi friends!
Beautiful day!
Looking at binding!!
I chose the pink-red,
I think I will like it the best.  Still have some work to do on it, a puffy place that I don't like because of sewing the back together first.   And finishing the binding!
I wish I had done a better job of putting together blocks but with what I had to work with , mostly pinks, I guess I want change them now.  To big a job and since it's for us we will like it just fine!
 From now on when I try quilting blocks and putting them together I will sew the backs together first , by far the best way!
Not long now and I will have a finish and since this is a lighter quilt we will use it for our summer quilt.
Hubby always runs the air at night so we will need it.
Have a great weekend friends.

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