Monday, September 15, 2014

Alex's And Kim's quilt

Hi friends!
Cloudy cool day!
I new when i sandwiched this it wasn't going to be quit wide enough.
I cut a 8 inch strip of muslin, measured at the widest point of the lack of fabric so it would fit all the way down the side of the quilt.
Then i pinned it and sewed it down.
There is a small problem with stretching on the front , i will try to fix that before i quilt this quilt.
You all know how hard polyester is to quilt.
 So i want to fix every thing i can before i start.
Maybe tomorrow i can get it ready to quilt.
Don't know what to quilt on it.  The quilt i just quilted i did flowers all over but don't think that would work on this.
The front peices are so large that you can't stitch in the ditch.
But i will think of something, if it's just vines.
Have a great day friends.

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