Monday, September 29, 2014

Next Quilt

Hi friends1
Cloudy rainy day1
My drawing that i hope will be the tree quilt for Brad and D.J..
I may put a few leaves on it but since it's going to be a black tree, not many.
I though some knot holes , one or two.
Now just to get the courage to cut into the fabric.
Pray for me i have never tried any thing like this before.


  1. are you doing applique? paper pieced? it looks like fun. you will like designing your own pattern. it is fun
    and you can change something you dont like whenever you want to.

  2. i think i am going to do all a peice and some triangles for the roots and branches but i changed the quilt i am doing on here to a Christmas ,Dawn and blog about this one on wont-to-be quilter