Friday, September 26, 2014


Hi friends!
Beautiful day!
I finally got the fabric to start Brads and D.j.s quilt.
They want a red quilt with a big black tree sewed into it.
How i am going to do that, i don't have any idea!!! Guess i will look on u-tube and see if there's a video for that.
They are getting a lot of work done on our house. This is our sun room!
They got the first window in yesterday.  It will match the ones in our sun room in lengh. The ones in the sun room doesn't have the dividers in them but the ones on the back and side of the house do so they match.
All the other windows hubby and i put in or hubby and my son.
I helped him do the ones in the sun room.
All 9 of them and they are 6 foot tall.
Internet has been out all day to day.  We have been with out  phone , t v, and Internet.
It was on when i got up this morning but went off before 9 o:clock and came back on after 5.
Have a wonderful weekend friends.

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