Friday, January 16, 2015

Brailey's blanket and Friday finish

Hi friends!
This is my finish, a big teddy bear blanket for Brailey!
I though this fabric was so cute!
She is  not due for three more months and she already has two blankets a nearly quilt and one bib and two little hats Thanks to my good friend Dawn.
Dawn made her the  hats and  bib.
Her quilt is still right there, i worked on her a blankets yesterday so i would be finished with one thing anyway.
Have a wonderful weekend friends.


  1. Brailey is a lucky girl and she doesnt even know it yet! pretty blanket and I love the Dora quilt. I have to get mine done for my grandson due in April. want to be done way before

  2. Very cute. I never have made a blanket with that kind of edging. She is going to have a lot of lovely gifties when she arrives.