Friday, January 23, 2015

Miss Brailey's quilt

Hi friends!
Brother's rest is over!
Got it out so i could quilt Miss Brailey's quilt.

I am thinking about hearts on it, just hope it looks like hearts when i get through with it.  They have taken the mother out of work until she is born but they say she is doing just fine, Just wants Momma to hold on to her as long as possible.
Prayers needed!
Son in law came by yesterday , he is convinced that she is going to be a boy
 If she is she will have pink stuff!
With that quilt and this blanket and 
And these pink hats and bib that Dawn made her.
Now this pink and green crochets blanket  might could be used with a boy but it's doubtful.
Have a wonderful weekend friends
Say a pray for Miss Brailey  that she stays where she is  for a while!

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