Monday, January 19, 2015

Flimsy [Braileys quilt]

Hi friends!
Sunny day!
I worked on Brailey's quilt yesterday and added some more to it.
I laid them out to see if i could keep to many Dora's from being to close! And the same print being next to each other. But couldn't find a way to avoid that all together.
I had to keep Dora standing in the same direction!  I worked it around this way and that and finally settled on when i wanted every thing.
It measured 40 by 54 and that was to narrow so i made some more blocks.
That was more like it!  I wanted it big enough for a toddler bed because one day she will be sleeping in a bigger bed.
Final measurement was  48 by 54.  That should be big enough for a few years! Of course when i wash it the measurement will be a little smaller.
Have a wonderful day friends.


  1. very cute girl quilt. Brailey will love it for years to come. lucky girl!

  2. You did a lovely job, and I think that is the challenge when we do scrappy quilts is getting so it is random, and not having anything that is the same touch.