Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Miss Brailey's Quilt

Hi friends!
Cold here!
I found some black with pink butterflies and added it to the baby quilt.
Made another stack of doubles and added in some pink that i found in another scrap bag.
Tyring to use up some of my scraps this year.
They have named her  Miss Brailey , if they don't change their minds again.
I want to get them a scrap quilt made before the baby shower or i give her the quilt for Miss Brailey
She is not due until April, i believe , so i have some time.  The mother has had a bit of trouble with the flu and nearly losing the baby so i waited before i named the quilt.
I made up some more and laid them out.  I need to square them up and and sew a few together to see if i have enough made to be as big as i want it.
The sun was shining yesterday with the temps in the 50ths so i went for a wall, soaking up some sun.
Can't wait for spring!!!! 32 right now!
Have a warn day friends.


  1. Hey, Aunt B! Looks like yet another gorgeous quilt! Thanks for my Christmas ornaments - i love them. Hope you and Tommy are staying warm during this crazy cold weather. Love you and hope to see you soon! :) Mel

    1. love you baby , hope you can use them next year

  2. you are having a heat wave LOL we have single digits and it feels like 20 below here. brrrrrrrr......... love your little pink blocks. so cute. my grandson is due in April too!